Find your confident smile

Teeth is the first impression of others. Having a healthy, white teeth makes you feel confident and attractive to the others. As you grow older, your teeth will go into natural aging, lose their original luster and become dull. In the course of a natural corrosive process, the protective layer of white enamel will be thinned due to daily wear. Modern diet and living habits will accelerate teeth aging.

Insmile, an Italian brand, produces a whitening formula in its own factory. It is a non-aggressive, unique whitening formula that, in addition to its source of safety, gently penetrates the fine pores and tubules in enamel and ivory, and binds with pigment gene molecules.
Insmile’s cold light wavelength of 480-520 blue light, can remove all harmful ultraviolet light and infrared rays, accelerate the activation of whitening formula, make it effectively through the hole and small tube of the tooth nature, take away for many years deposited on the surface of the tooth and Deep pigment.
∙With gentle, progressive teeth, you can recover beautiful smiles in 30 minutes.

∙The process of licking the teeth is mild and low-stimulus, and there is almost no feeling of gingival sensation.

InSmile believes that the safety of whitening formulas is as important as the safety of foods. We believe that natural ingredients will increase customers’ confidence. InSmile’s whitening formula contains natural ingredients, including sodium bicarbonate (also known as baking soda) and vegetable glycerine. It also complies with EU Directive 2011/84/EU to achieve whitening!