How long can InSmile's esthetic effect last?

The maintenance time of esthetic effects varies from person to person; some habits such as smoking, coffee, red wine, etc., may shorten the time for whitening effects; therefore, InSmile’s Consultants will respond to each esthetic experience. Different customers, put forward suggestions to help customers better care*!

Can InSmile be treated with sensitive teeth? Will it hurt dental health?

InSmile’s esthetic treatment course uses a whitening factor that complies with the European Union’s 2011/84/EU directive. It is a gentle and safe formula that gently penetrates the tiny channels of enamel and ivory and binds and reacts with pigments, ahieving whitening effect with no harm to the teeth. Therefore, sensitive teeth are also suitable for InSmile treatment.

In addition to multiple certifications, what is special about the whitening technology used by InSmile?

InSmile’s treatment uses recipes that comply with the EU Directive 2011/84/EU, produced by Italy and exported as beauty products. EU Directive 2011/84/EU stipulates that H2O2 contained in cosmetic products exported from cosmetic products must not exceed 0.1%